9. The 3 approaches for billing clients

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Understand Elements licensing
  • Decide on best billing approach


You will have one Space per client.  Think of a Space as a separate installation of Elements.

The only exception is if you are working with a client who consciously wants to separate the Spaces for various areas of their operations.  (e.g. global enterprise within different divisions or group of companies without separate operating companies – i.e 1 space with separate sets of content, resources, reference models and Salesforce implementations). The Elements Catalyst Enterprise and Unlimited Space levels allow you to manage multiple implementations within a single space. So even large complex Salesforce landscapes can still be managed in a single space. Make sure you understand these options before working with multiple spaces at a client.

Elements.cloud licensing

Elements Editors & Viewers

You will have one Space per client.  Think of a Space as a separate installation of Elements.

Each Editor in a Space will need a paid for license. All Viewers in Space are free.

You will need an Editor license for each team member developing process diagrams or adding documentation (consultants and client Admin and Business Analysts). As a minimum you can access the full  Pro Space capability to clean up and document your Org with just one Editor.  Everyone else – developers, managers, super users only need Viewer licenses to access and collaborate on content.

You will have one Space per client.  So if a consultant is working on 3 different clients projects in 3 Spaces and is editing, they they will ne 3 separate Editor licenses. They still have a single Elements user login, but are paying for edit rights within a Space.

Administration and ownership of the Space can be passed over to the client at any time in the discovery, delivery or lifetime of an engagement. The Space Admin controls who has what access and rights.

There are 4 levels of Space

  • FREE: simple process mapping
  • PRO: version controlled process mapping, requirements & user stories sync’d to JIRA, URL link library, Salesforce Org Models and Org analysis (sync 1 Production and up to 3 Sandboxes), Ref Models for 3rd party systems and governance
  • ENTERPRISE: as Pro but up to 4 Production Orgs each with 4 Sandboxes.
  • UNLIMITED: as Pro but unlimited Production Orgs and Sandboxes.

Pricing for Editors in the Space

  • FREE: 3 equal payments of nothing
  • PRO:  $730 per year
  • ENTERPRISE: $1,430 per year
  • UNLIMITED: $3,650 per year

Nonprofits get a 50% discount.

Here is the Elements Pricing page

Corporate IT Management

There is also a separate Corporate IT Admin license that provides an additional level of governance and control with Single Sign On (SSO), domain-wide user management, governance policies and analytics. In the coming year there will be layers of training and content review / authorization capabilities added to this licence which will make it even more relevant to many of your implementations.

Pricing based on the total number of Catalyst users across all the Spaces for the domains that Corporate IT Management is managing. (i.e. Editors plus Viewers).

Nonprofits get a 50% discount.

Here is the Elements Pricing page

Billing options

There 2 ways to pay – annual invoice or monthly credit card:

Credit card: In the Space Management | Billing add credit card details. Elements will automatically bill that card monthly in arrears based on the number of Editors. If an Editor joins part the way through the month, the monthly fee is prorated.

Invoice: contact success@elements.cloud and we can set up a Space at whatever level is require, raise a quote and an invoice annually in advance. Editors can be added at any point in the year and the ne licenses fees are calculated on an annual renewal date.

Whether you use the credit option or invoicing, there are 3 options that partners use for their clients:

  • you pay for the licenses and invoice your client
  • you get the client to pay for the licenses
  • you pay for the licenses but charge the client a “managed service” fee for supporting them and the licenses are bundled into the cost

Inside Elements we track licensing and payment against a Space, so you can use different approaches with different clients.

Getting help

For support on using Elements there are 3 places

For help on partner related questions or to talk about a client opportunity